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About the Cannabis College

The Cannabis College offers free advice on the safe use of recreational and medicinal cannabis, in addition to educating the public about the many industrial uses of the hemp plant. Tours of our Cannabis garden allow us to illustrate our information with a beautiful, completely organic example of indoor growing.


Get your cannabis tested

Cannabinoid analysis as well as quality control is vital for both the safety and personal requirements of every consumer. We offer a testing service using TLC (thin-layer chromatography) protocol. This provides easy to interpret results showing what concentrations of the six main cannabinoids are present in the given sample. Only 0.1 gram of cannabis is needed to perform the test! 

To have your cannabis tested at the Cannabis College, please come along in person and ask us about cannabinoid analysis. 


Understanding Cannabis

There is still a lot of confusion around the Cannabis plant, especially understanding the differences between Hemp, Weed/Ganja or Hashish. Since most confusion is the result of misinformation and lies told by prohibitionists for the past eight decades, we hope to combat this by spreading knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant.


Using Cannabis

Cannabis sativa L. has been growing on the planet for over a hundred thousand years, with evolutionary roots in the Cannabaceae family dating back millions of years. The plant has enjoyed multiple medicinal, recreational and religious implementations with respect to one of its main active ingredients: THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.