About the Cannabis College

The Cannabis College offers free advice on the safe use of recreational and medicinal cannabis, in addition to educating the public about the many industrial uses of the hemp plant. Tours of our Cannabis garden allow us to illustrate our information with a beautiful, completely organic example of indoor growing.

Our Mission

We exist to provide you with factual, objective information about Cannabis sativa L. in all its forms, from common industrial hemp to the rarest medicinal and recreational cannabis strains. Our non-profit foundation, Cannabis College Amsterdam, brings you information from the centre of a worldwide debate.

History of the Cannabis College

In 1997 Henk Poncin and a few members of a group known as the “Green Prisoners Release” decided to do their community a service and so they created a public information centre regarding all the beneficial aspects of the beautiful Cannabis sativa L. plant. 

Cannabis Activism

Activism is one of the most important responsibilities of the Cannabis College. Areas in which we are active include medicinal cannabis, policy reform, and Cannabis legalisation. We are present at many European hemp and cannabis expos and events