Our Mission

Our non-profit foundation, Cannabis College Amsterdam, teaches and advises the public from the centre of a worldwide debate. Although we are not an academic college, our name was chosen to promote self-education and convey our goal of providing information. However, you can get a diploma from the Cannabis College by completing our online quiz and answering 90% or more of the questions correctly! 

An international focus

Currently people from all nationalities and cultures are discussing the medicinal, nutritional, industrial and recreational uses of hemp and Cannabis. While many of these debates occur on a political level, the content and results concern and affect all of us. Unfortunately, the political aspects influence our ability to use our freedom of choice; whether the issue is environmental concerns, plant-based medicine or simply an age-old way to relax. 

A place of learning in the heart of Amsterdam

The goal of the Cannabis College Amsterdam is to provide you with accurate, objective information about the Cannabis sativa L. plant.

The Cannabis College is located on the bottom two floors of a 17th Century canal house, itself a registered  monument in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District. Admission is free and all are welcome here, whether or not you are a cannabis user. Recreational users are taught how to spot and avoid dangerous chemicals sprayed on cannabis, for example, while medicinal users can learn how to use the vaporiser instead of smoking.

Cannabis education is the key

Our team gladly help our visitors to educate themselves and spread truthful information to their friends, their parents and their children’s children. With many new developments in the medical world, social and industrial advances, and a constant fresh wave of politicians on the horizon, we feel it is our duty to provide you with the information you need. The time has come to update global knowledge, surely our best defence against the War on Drugs.

Moving things forward, together

This friendly faculty encourages visitors to debate openly and share their opinions as we are always receptive to new ideas. To supplement our spoken and written information, the College hosts vibrant displays of up-to-date medical research on Cannabis, films and documentaries that visitors can watch in the lounge area, the highest quality hemp products, and most current information regarding Cannabis legislation around the world, plus much, much more. Want to learn more about Cannabis? Stop in and visit us the next time you come to Amsterdam.