Coffeeshop staff training

Coffeeshop staff training usually takes place after 19:00 in the Cannabis College. We require a minimum of 6 people and can comfortably fit up to 12 in each session. All training sessions include a basic cannabis knowledge test, free information handouts to take away, and refreshments. Here is a basic outline of the training we currently offer. We can also tailor this information to suit your individual needs and requirements, please just let us know if you would like additional information by emailing

A brief outline:

Introduction to the non-profit organization Cannabis College, including emphasis on the importance that people are well informed about cannabis and for staff to know about the products they sell.
Basic side effects of cannabis and how to deal with the customers who have consumed too much: mood enhancer, sugar levels, sugar water, no caffeine etc.
Different strains: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis. An introduction to history and origins. Differences in effect, flavour, price etc.
Introducing Skunk#1 and Breeding: History of breeding and new hybrids. It is also possible to explain in detail about the products on your own menu.
Trichome information: THC/CBD/CBN levels.
Garden tour in our lovely Cannabis Garden: Explain the whole cycle (grow, flower, harvest, dry, cure and storage). Bio vs. Hydro, organic vs. chemical.
Introducing hash: Traditional methods and history, Moroccan vs. Indian. Modern methods: Ice o later, jelly/bubble hash, hash oil etc.
Methods of consumption: Smoking (joints, pipes, bongs) with or without tobacco, Vaporizing (with or without water), Ingestion (Eating or drinking). Explanation of differences in effects.
Basic medicinal info: Which strains to recommend for certain illnesses with reference to your menu.