The Garden

Our pride and joy is our beautiful, organic, fully-flowering public Cannabis garden, situated in the basement of the Cannabis College.

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to our garden. These gorgeous plants form one of the world’s only publicly accessible flowering Cannabis gardens, so please stop by for a truly unique experience.

We always have a selection of the finest quality Cannabis strains growing, and we only use organic, high quality and thoroughly tested nutrients. This presents visitors with an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge directly about the plant by observing it in a living, growing state, and asking our staff questions about strains, lights, techniques such as super cropping and LST, or how to trat and prevent particular pests and diseases.

Visitors are not only allowed but encouraged to take photographs of the garden, which will surely result in some of the most amazing pictures you will take during your stay in Amsterdam.

History of our Cannabis Garden

Since 1998 we have provided accurate, objective information about all aspects of Cannabis and hemp and have cultivated a beautiful organic flowering garden in our basement. Much like the Cannabis College itself, the garden has gone through several changes over the years, from the amount of plants and the layout to our choice of cannabis nutrients and grow techniques.

In the early days the Cannabis College garden hosted around one hundred little plants, but was reduced in size shortly thereafter to a display of five huge plants (roughly three months in vegetation each). The indoor Cannabis College garden reflects, and is contingent upon, the tolerated allowance of outdoor plants in the Netherlands, currently set at a maximum of five plants.

Our new garden still hosts five plants, but now in a different format. The typical Amsterdam basement (long and low-ceilinged) has been cleared out in order to provide more space for visitors and information, and although the plants are clearly visible, the grow space is no longer open to visitors. Rather, we decided to construct grow rooms in order to demonstrate cultivation methods that are rapidly gaining popularity. Another reason we had to restrict the public’s access to the plants is unfortunately our history of contamination from prying hands. Presenting a controlled setting also allows us to compare strains in different growing environments and thereby provide more extensive information.

Regarding technology, the plants are still (and always will be) cultivated in an organic fashion, meaning that they are grown in soil with organic nutrients and natural pesticides. Our smallest room currently contains a LED (Light Emitting Diode) grow in flower, while the flowering plants in the larger room are enjoying 600 or more watts of HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light each, all under Lumatek digital ballasts. All plants begin under 400w MH (Metal Halide) lights in our vegetation room, a new addition to the layout, often with a variety of techniques used to control the shape and size of each plant.

Much of what is on display in our garden has been grown using donations from wholesalers, retailers and organic nutrient companies. More information on each of these generous organisations is available in the links section of this site.