THC Test

Cannabinoid analysis and quality control are vital for both the safety and personal requirements of every consumer.  This is why the Cannabis College offers a testing service using a TLC protocol developed by Alpha-Cat for everyone who wants an accurate analysis of what they are consuming.

Cannabis College Trainings

Coffeeshop staff training usually takes place after 19:00 in the Cannabis College. We require a minimum of 6 people and can comfortably fit up to 12 in each session. All training sessions include a basic cannabis knowledge test, free information to take away, and refreshments.


 Vaporisers are aromatherapy devices that administer about three times more THC than smoking does, but in the less harmful form of steam and without any tars, carcinogens, smoke or chemicals.

The Cannabis College Library

In 2011 the College underwent renovations to create a more open environment. This change allowed us to open a library area where visitors are encouraged to browse through our selection of literature and digital media all about the plant Cannabis Sativa L.