Understanding Cannabis

There is still a lot of confusion around the Cannabis plant, especially understanding the differences between Hemp, Weed/Ganja or Hashish. Since most confusion is the result of misinformation and lies told by prohibitionists for the past eight decades, we hope to combat this by spreading knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis plant. In this section you can find more detailed information about the Cannabis plant itself, its genetic diversity, environmental impact, and our guide to cannabis taxonomy. You can even take a closer look at the plant itself with a virtual tour of our garden. If you wish to test your knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis plant, try our quick quiz to see if you qualify for a Cannabis diploma.

Cannabis Botany

Today the Cannabis plant family can be separated into three main groups: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis, although disputes exist regarding the exact distinctions of these groups. 

Environmental Impact of Hemp

Hemp plants are hardy, adapting to and thriving in almost any climate on the planet and help to prepare the soil for the following year’s harvest. Hemp building materials and plastics are environmentally-friendly, for the most part recyclable, and are also known to be mould-resistant.


The Garden

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting our garden. These gorgeous plants form one of the world’s only publicly accessible flowering Cannabis gardens, so please stop by for a truly unique experience.


Do the Cannabis College Quiz!

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