How long does cannabis stay in the body?

This information is designed to help you understand how long cannabis products remain in the human body at detectable levels. This is simply a guideline and should not be relied upon as scientific proof.

Cannabis detection times are affected by many factors, such as frequency of use, type of specimen, test method, personal rate of metabolism, how much exercise is performed, body fat content and other issues.

The detection periods below refer to urine, blood and saliva specimens. Although there are various different tests to see if cannabis is still in your body, the urinalysis test is the most commonly used drug testing method today.

Please note that all substances will remain in the hair follicle until the period of usage has stopped. Most hair tests will cover a period of 90 to 120 days of drug consumption, depending on rapidity of growth.



  Urine Blood Hair Oral Fluid
Single use 1-7+ days 12-24 hrs Doubtful  Uncertain (1-72 hours)
Regular use 7-100 days 1-7 days Months 1-7+ days


Source: CaNorml